He's a charmer - for sure.
Our little Mr Perkins meets and greets guests,
truely part of the team.  He just loves attention

I think we can now safely say, it was worth it!
He's a happy chappy, and so are we. 

Mr Perkins as he is 2012 - success!

Bridget, our guests 29th November 2010 and newest staff member - Mr Perkins 

We are well into November now - the little lad is holding court in the pens with Bridget.  Still has a funny walk, but brights as a button and so happy.  So are WE! 

19/10/10 - HE'S WALKING - still looks odd - but he's walking.  We are soooo grateful. 


09/10/10 - Victory - he has lifted himself off the deck! Mr Perkins stands up for breakfast - next week we'll need to fence him in!

Standing on my own two feet - Mr Perkins is at the back 

Standing on my own two feet - Mr Perkins is at the back 


 9th October 2010 


 7th Oct - we nearly make it!

How can you fail with a farmer like this!
6-10-10 Shower time!  Pearky needs a bath today, I have the  hose laid out on the lawn to warm the water for him. 
Yesterday he stood by himself and took a few faultering steps.  No photos - I can't steady him and snap pics at the same time, you just have to be here.  Thank you for caring and checking his progress, you encouragement measn a great deal!

05-10-2010 and our precious little man is doing well. 
Its still going to be a long journey, but today he is

  • holding himself upright, and can almost sit up when he tumbles
  • can push on all four legs and get his tummy off the ground
  • and is able to shuffle himself to the next fresh piece of grass!! 
  • Great Kiwi Road Trips - Pit Stop - Ridgelenad Farm Whangarei pitstop_logo.jpg 


    From the LAND where "Honey can you turn the lamb for me?" has nothing to do with the KITCHEN!  and everything about 'being here'!

    Currently we are nursing a darling little lamb that's paralised. He is as bright as a button, but as you can see his eyes tell his struggle.  12-9-2010

    30th September - Mr Perkins transported himself about a meter and a half under his own steam - and can shuffle some distance with assistance.  Its all good news!

    26th September 2010 - UPDATE on Mr Perkins...

    All is going well, though very slowly.  He is keeping mummy busy as we have made him a 'carry cradle' from a fabric shopping bag with holes cut for his extremities.  I can now pick him up without straining my back and his little legs barrel along stearing the direction he wants to go.  He bleats now when he wants to shift and drops his back legs when we find the new spot he wants to sit in.  I am hoping it won't be long now before he can do this for himself.  He really is so sweet - you should be here!  Even just to lend a hand!!!  


    "26-9-2010 and the view is great Mum!"


     Mr_Perkins_24-9_2_450.jpg Mr_Perkins_22-9_450.jpg   Mr_Perkins_19-9_2_450.jpg
     24-9-2010 nice nibbles Mummy  22-9-2010 supported by chair  19-9-2010 sitting upright

     This is his story,  

    We found him on Saturday (11-Sept) and to our horror a visit to the Vet with the lamb was going to cost $150. We just can't do that! But we came home with $70 worth of medicine and we are feeding him,and turning him over from side to side several times a day.

    One of the rewarding things we can do for him is offer the sheer bliss of a 'stand up pee'!

    I began to call him 'perky' then I moved towards 'Mr Perkins', like the TV advert, hoping soon he will be bouncing round too.

    Yesterday we were delighted to see he could hold his head up and wag his tail. Today he can riggle his backside and is busting to get moving. His legs just can't take the weight yet.

    We don't know if he will pull through yet, but we'll give it everything we have. 

    MEANWHILE - we thought we'd have an auction - Offering TWO nights for THREE guests in the Patio 1x super king bedroom suite for $150 TOTAL October only - Partly to recover some of what we spend on the animals, and partly to let you share this incredible story of one vallient little chap and a couple of daft old coots who try to save every life. Most 'farmers' will say he's only worth a bullet, but all things are precious here.

    We do this so that they may have a little quality time.

    So - we are offering some seriously lovely accommodation and a most memorable encounter with farm life in the north.  Contact us directly and mention 'Mr Perkins Auction' or You can donate to his expenses cause Here>>>

     Mr_Perkins_1.jpg  Mr_Perkins_2.jpg
     16th September 2010  a very sick little chap
     Mr_Perkins_3.jpg  Mr_Perkins_4.jpg

     19th September 2010
     Mummy made me
     a walking frame! what are you
    looking at ME for?

     Progress is slow, but there IS progress